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Mountains and Lake

In July of 2017 our president Monica Mayo had a Cane Corso from a breeder in South Carolina. She remained friends with every one that purchased a puppy from the same litter. She received a phone call late in July saying that the father of her Cane Corso was in a high kill shelter in South Carolina. He had been turned in as aggressive and the only way he would be allowed out was for a 501c3 rescue to pull him.

She lived in Kentucky and had no connections to help this Cane Corso in need. Monica had spent many years struggling with depression and other health issues. Despite her personal struggles, she went to work immediately to find a solution for the Cane Corso in South Carolina named Magnus. She invested two weeks of constant computer and phone time, raised over a thousand dollars, and had a foster lined up to home Magnus once he was pulled. A 501c3 rescue named Mending Spirits stepped up to pull Magnus literally at the last second.

Although Monica couldn’t be there for the release of Magnus, she followed every step by computer and phone. During the time of his release, Monica found herself leaving on vacation with her husband that had been planned for many months before she heard about Magnus. Once Magnus was with his new foster, she felt comfortable enough to relax and start enjoying her trip.

Monica spent most of the car ride to Yellowstone talking about how hard and rewarding it felt to help a dog in need. She never knew much about rescuing until she dove headfirst into the process. She explained how her own personal struggles were quickly forgotten and she had a mission to focus on instead of herself.

Monica and her husband were driving out of Yellowstone National Park and passing the Grand Tetons, she turned to her husband and said, “I feel like I have moved a mountain the last few weeks.” What felt like a bolt of lightning hit her brain and heart, she turned to her husband and said, “I am going to start Moving Mountains For Mastiffs.” “I am going to make it my mission to help big dogs find their way home!”

Once home from her trip, she started the paperwork immediately. Her husband was in full support of her new passion and without telling her, started paperwork to get financing to purchase a place to realize her dream. A few short months later, they bought property and moved into a place to start building a sanctuary for big dogs that need forever families.

Now a few years later, with lots of volunteers and supporters, Moving Mountains for Mastiffs Rescue is in full swing. We care for over 10 mastiffs at a time. We don’t just pull them from bad situations, but we rehabilitate them. Once a dog becomes part of MM4M Rescue, they are family. We support our dogs for the remainder of their lives. It’s truly a blessing to be involved in something that helps not only dogs, but the people who love them. 

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