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Chase is a 1.5 year old Broholmer (Danish Mastiff) mix. He currently weighs 110 pounds. He was returned to the local shelter three times due to his size, high energy, and lack of training. He was scheduled to be put down when we tagged him for our rescue.

Things we know about him ❤️

✔️ Great personality & excitable and loving temperament

🐶 Enjoys playing with both male & female dogs

🥰 Enjoys playing in the pond

🐾 High Energy

👦 He loves children

🐱 Does not like cats

Chase has a great personality. Due to neglect and consistent attention he is just now learning how great it is to be loved by humans. He is a prankster and will reach out and grab you when you walk by his kennel. He also loves giving big hugs when he gets out of the pond after a long swim. He is still learning that toys are what he should play with not humans. He doesn’t mean any harm he just never had anyone play with him before we got him. He loves belly rubs whenever he calms down enough to get them.

Chase loves all children but due to his energy level it is preferred the children be old enough he doesn’t knock down. If they have already been around large dogs that is a great help because they know how to correct them without being afraid.

Chase needs a high energy household. He also needs other dogs to play with, to curb his high play drive. He will need consistent intense training and dogs that understand his play level. His energy level can be a bit too much for less energetic dogs.

Chase is housebroken, up to date on shots, neutered and hw - .

Must have experience with Large Breeds and commitment to train Chase, to be eligible to adopt him.

If you would like to add Chase as a forever part of your family, please complete the adoption application. We do require approved adopters to come to MM4M to meet the dog. 

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