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Neapolitan Mastiff 1 yr old 115 lbs
Fully Vetted/Neutered/Chipped
Working on all types of training! 

We prefer a pre-visit, however transportation is available to approved family! Olaf was a pet store puppy that went into a home where he also crated 23 hours a day. He then was put on a six foot lead the short amount of time he spent outside! When he arrived at our rescue, he only thought he could potty in his crate. He didn’t know how to fully run, and he was extremely starved for attention, food and water! It appeared that he had not seen another dog since he left his siblings. He came in dehydrated and under weight at 85 lbs. He also did not know normal dog body language!


We have been working on all types of training. He has learned to run, play, potty outside, sit, lay down and proper dog introductions! He is very much a big floppy puppy. He loves learning and exploring his new world. He will need continued consistency with training. He should be easily over 150 lbs as a adult. He needs to be taught early due to his potential size as a adult!


I do want to mention that his tail was docked incorrectly! It might look a little different, but you will not find a more wonderful dog! We really want someone with mastiff experience. He is going to be a lot of dog, and he needs the right family to help him thrive! 

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